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In 2007, Kate began exploring and traveling the world as part of her many consulting projects and roles at Microsoft. As a solo female traveler, going alone, she realized others might enjoy her travel exploring the world. She began playing a game with her friends on Facebook called “Where in the World is Kate?” The result of the game became Where in the World is Kate, a solo female travel blog for all Stages of Life. Today, Kate continues to offer Travel Tales, Travel Tips, and Pics.

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Katherine explores Leavenworth, Washington,

 “Where in the World is Kate?” Explores

As a result of the game, and her travel after the age of 50 the site evolved into a fully-formed magazine site. Inspire women and men to find their traveling Bliss and Travel at every stage of life and budget.

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The stories behind the site reveal travel obstacles, risks, locations, and the fascinating characters met on her journey. She shares the good, bad, and ugly parts of travel. She is authentic and frank. Honestly is our policy. She won’t trash someone – she won’t mention them. After all – sometimes go very wrong on a trip.  Like Thumper says in ‘Bambi,’ “If you don’t have something nice to say – don’t say anything at all.”

Most of all, Kate shares what she and her friends have learned and offers useful travel tips, travel tales, travel products, and information for you to use on your next trip. She and her writer friends test her recommendations. Only Real suggestions – no fake recommendations on this travel site. Her Itineraries are real, and she traveled using the Itineraries.

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By reading “Where in the World is Kate?” you will see new places, learn something new, and get to know some interesting new people. Here are her Travel Destinations, so far.

Kate meets lots of people on her travel adventures, but, her simple journeys, are trips anyone can do. She posts her itineraries, travel plans, travel products she uses.

Visit Kate’s Amazon Store to buy what she uses. If you buy from the store, Amazon pays a small fee to the site which keeps us going, and it is no cost to you! Use it whenever you shop for anything on Amazon if you log in through her storefront. The stories will prepare you for your vacation or follow the trip if you can’t travel.

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No Time Like Now!

By posting her itineraries, and those of her friends, and sharing the advice of the people she meets along the way, everyone can benefit from her travel advice. All travelers, solo females, solo travelers, and mom’s traveling with their daughter, son, or friends, can learn from her trips, tips, and pics.

Best Tours

Additionally, if a tour makes the trip more comfortable for you, she recommends the best ones to book, after we have taken the cruise. If you want help and want to use a travel agent, she can help. The goal of the site is to help you travel more, on your budget, your way.

Any Stage of Life is the Right Time

If you want to take more trips at any time of your life, even if your life partner, money, or time isn’t what you expected, there are always ways to travel more. There is no time like now. Now is later! – Now is the time to start. If you want quality, and have a budget and time, we can help you travel. Pick the two that are important to you, and we will show you how to travel creatively.

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