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First, Capetown-Rio provides marketing and business consulting with a focus on Microsoft products. Our high-quality creative business solutions and services are innovative. But people have diverse interests. We know we do. Our people are creative. Katherine produces fine art. Her photographs, based on her travel experiences, inspire her paintings. She is an accomplished painter. She is original and so is her staff. Indeed, business, like painting requires knowing the fundamentals with attention to detail. Thirdly, as creators, we are problem-solvers. We create solutions. Creating is in our DNA. We all love to create. Let’s create some thing new for you.

Love to create. This is the place for you! Aspirational to inspirational ideas are welcome here. There is no bad idea. We love to collaborate. We are passionate about living creatively. Technology, Travel and Fine Art, it makes us more creative. At Capetown-Rio, we know this. Life is a journey. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s have fun.

What we create during the journey matters.


An accomplished business person, Katherine is also a professionally trained fine artist and photojournalist. She earned a BFA, from the University of Colorado. Katherine received an MBA and MA Management from City University, Seattle. She Loves hiking, and nature, cultural events. She wants to inspire others at work or play creatively.

Capetown-Rio’s Three Pillars

  • Create Business Solutions and Services
  • Travel to Inspire Creativity
  • Create Fine Art that Inspires

Fine Artist

Kate’s travel photography is the source for her Fine Art paintings on Katherine Green Art. 

Her inspirational Fine Art patrons include large organizations showing them in public places. Some of the works are in large banks, hospitals, and private collections. Patrons include US Bank, Swedish Hospital, University of Washington, and Fred Hutchingson Cancer Clinic.


We encourage our staff to be creative. Being creative recharges their battery. Creating supports work-life balance. If planting a garden is your creative outlet, do it. writing music, just do it. All creative endeavors, be it, dance, writing, acting or quilting relieves stress. Do it. Be better than you are.

What is your creative passion? Art renews the soul. Creative outlets teach us new ways of thinking. Creating teaches to experiment. Trying new things is good. Mentally, it engages the soul and keeps us young. Creating art inspires innovation. Cooking creatively takes mastery. Golfing is creative. It teaches patience. Knitting is creative. It teaches consistency. Find your creative outlet. Let it out. Be your best by creating something every day.

Create quickly. Or create slowly. Find your rhythm. Whether it takes years to complete or only a minute. Take the time you need. You decide when it’s finished or when to start. Do-overs are welcome. Only show what you want.

Observe lots of art. Observation teaches us how to see and do. Do what you love. You will love what you do. Even on the days, you dont want to create.

Capetown-Rio Creates

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Creativity is contagious. Buy Katherine’s Fine Art and photography, prints or originals from these locations.

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Katherine Green Salvador Dali Museum 2017-06-21

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Explore Create Katherine-Green-Marrakesh, Morocco

Capetown-Rio contributes to Business, Art, and Travel.

Experience. Moments. 

Our Mission

At Capetown-Rio, we value creativity at work or play. We respect all religions, cultures, sexual preferences, genders, and sexual orientation. Religion, geography, and culture reflect who we are. At our core, we all share the will to survive, love of family and to make a better life for our children. We value these commonalities. We respect and seek diversity. The values we share make us human. There is no ‘us or ‘them.’ We believe and support equal opportunities. What each of us we do affects everyone. Lastly, Capetown-Rio supports volunteering for organizations who help women, children and families.

We support these volunteer groups.

These are a few of the projects we invest our time in to help our diverse commitment.

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