Capetown-Rio, Inc. (CR) goal is to offer options when consulting with corporate customers, or private individuals. We are proud that we can inspire, create, and provide a healthy, independent and financially secure results, lifestyle, and journey. However, none of the articles, content, or interviews on this site should be seen as safe or safety, medical, financial, security, or legal advice.

Disclaimer Policy

Everyone’s situation is different, so, it is critical that you contact your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or medical plan. Likewise, only your financial advisor is qualified to give you financial advice. Please take care of yourself and consult a licensed expert before following any of the information on this site. One more thing. Affiliate links on the site for products are ones I love. While compensation may be paid when you purchase from affiliate partners, be assured that product recommendations are based on my personal beliefs, and trusted the product.

FTC Disclaimer

Capetown-Rio’s primary purpose is to help by offering consulting advice. Our primary goal is to keep things simple, to share with our customers and community, to earn consulting fees for business strategy, the sale of fine art by Katherine Green, and to learn from each other.

However, in 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started to require bloggers to provide disclosures with regards to any potentially hidden interests and/or biases.

According to the FTC rules, CR makes it clear whenever any financial compensation related to the content on this site is received; we will let you know. For example, if a hotel picks up the tab or pays for room, or trave, or writers rooms, I must mention it and do. Likewise, if I include an affiliate link to an article (for compensation even if it’s only $0.01 per purchase), I need to state it. I do this on my homepage.

Writing disclosures inside every article add to the length and make the post less interesting.
Please know, that for every recommendation, link, an article on this site, with me as the “Writer,” the above statement applies.

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