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Capetown-Rio provides business consulting with a focus on Microsoft products. Katherine the founder, creates high-quality business consulting, fine art, and travel photography. Her work requires knowing the fundamentals and attention to details. She loves to create. Hopefully, together, we can partner to create great works and collaborations. Katherine is passionate about: Creating and Living Creatively through Technology, Travel, Art, and Travel Photography. Life is a journey.

What we create during the journey is what matters.


An accomplished business person, Katherine is also a professionally trained, fine artist and photojournalist. She is an Artist at heart with a BFA, MBA, and MA Management. She is an observer of nature, culture, and events. Hopefully, her unique vision inspires others at work or at play to live creatively in all aspects of their life. We are all creative, if you buy art for your walls, grow an artistic garden, or share your skills. Travel is a journey that teaches you about yourself, what’s inside of you and how to share your gifts and talents with others. Travel inspires creativity. Capetown-Rio’s goal whether in business or daily life is to encourage you to live more creatively and fulfill the artist inside of you to be your most creative self.

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Fine Artist

See how Kate uses her photography from her travel and her journey around the world for her Fine Art paintings on Katherine Green Art. On this site see her inspirational Fine Art and Photography, We hope you enjoy the beautiful images. If you sign up for alerts, we will send you an e-Book featuring the best of her travel photography.

Capetown-Rio Creates

Travel Photography

If you are interested in her travel photography and want to learn more, please follow Kate’s travel photography, travel tales and travel tips at On the site, you will see her photos and find out how to go more. You will find great ways to save on travel. Most importantly you will learn how to live a creative lifestyle after 50. But honestly, creativity applies to everyone, at all stages of life.

Art & Photography

Her love of art, travel and learning about new cultures inspires her and the company. Katherine’s life is full of creativity. After many years in business, her creative passion drove her success. She enjoys capturing the moment in her art, and photography. Kate believes in a simple creative life. To Create is the foundation of Capetown-Rio and her life. We value Creativity, productivity, and collaboration at work and play. Buy, Katherine’s Fine Art and Photography, prints, and originals at these sites.

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Katherine Green Salvador Dali Museum 2017-06-21

Please check out Where in the World is Kate? Hopefully, the Travel Tales, Tips, and Pics will inspire you to travel more to find your bliss. Explore Create Katherine-Green-Marrakesh, Morocco

Capetown-Rio contributes to the world of Business, Art, and Travel.

Experience. Moments. Live.


All people share things in common. Religion, geography, culture reflect who we are and where they live. At our core, we all share the will to survive, love of family and the desire to make a better life for our children. We value these commonalities. These universal beliefs are the cornerstone of our corporate values. We respect values we all share in common. Therefore, because we share universal values, there is no ‘us or them.’ Wholeheartedly, we believe, that what we do individually affects everyone. Therefore at Capetown-Rio, is dedicated to volunteer work that supports children.

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