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In 1996 Capetown-Rio opened for business. Over the years, Capetown-Rio has worked with some of the biggest names in the Tech, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Government, NGOs, Entertainment, and Capital Markets. The one thing our clients always ask is how we got our name. Or sometimes they ask, what does your name mean?

Our name is a salute to a sailboat race, Cape Town to Rio. The race starts in Cape Town, South Africa, and ends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For us, competition is a metaphor for succeeding in business. The easy choices won’t win the race. To be successful in both, select the best strategy, tactic, and execution.

Capetown-Rio Consults for Global Marketing

The metaphor illustrates a winning strategy. In the case of this race, everything must is essential to consider to win. The Tactician evaluates the winds, tides, and sailing conditions. Prevailing wisdom shows sailing in a straight line won’t win the race. It illustrates today’s challenges. Today, Business decision-making takes everything into account.

We consider all the trends that influence a business. By revealing all the variables, we determine which levers are most relevant. Next, design the strategy that works for your timing.

The sailboat race illustrates our philosophy. The right strategic plan wins a race. To win, sailing north to Falmouth, England. Then tact, and sail on a broad reach to Rio. The point of the story is the fastest, shortest route isn’t the best course. To find the best course and the quickest plan requires expert analysis.

From this metaphor, we realized the right strategy, tactics, and expertise wins. We build the right strategic plan for our clients. Our programs are winners.

About Capetown-Rio’s Global Marketing Strategy

Just like in business, it is going a bit further to make a difference. Sometimes to reach your goal, the easiest route isn’t the best course. Indeed, the apparent path isn’t the best strategy. Most importantly, developing the right roadmap wins the race. In today’s world, meeting the strategic needs in the current competitive business environment requires a broader view. It takes experience and expert knowledge.

  • We believe in the first set the right objectives.
  • Then define the overall goals.
  • Next, set the right strategy.
  • From the strategy, develop the tactics and execution.
  • Finally, set how to measure the results.
  • We deliver strategic plans with a splash of cunning in today’s markets.

The Cape Town to Rio race, like business, requires an eye on your current heading. It requires the vision to set your sight on the future.

More About Us

At Capetown-Rio, we help organizations discover new strategies. Our strategies integrate with current programs. We execute the strategy from incubation through the whole product lifecycle. Our goal is to chart a roadmap, enabling current successes into the plan. In this ever-competitive business environment, every asset is leveraged.

Global Marketing Strategy

Capetown-Rio provides global marketing services and enterprise customer and partner programs. Our services focus on Skype for Business, Telcom Communications Cloud Services, Azure, and AI. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we manage and accelerate adoption. Lastly, we deliver solutions to give companies a competitive edge. Rest assured, we focus on results. The results make your investment measurable and productive.

  • Our global marketing and consulting services deliver enterprise solutions.
  • We support lighthouse wins by providing customer and partner programs.
  • Our program management offers best practices, process improvement, risk, and change management.
  • We increase sales and revenue.

Product Focus

Capetown-Rio is a Skype for Business and Communication Program Specialist. Additionally, Capetown-Rio accelerates Global Enterprise Services for Cloud-based services. We provide Skype for Business deployment and adoption programs. Most importantly, from small organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises, we serve all our clients with respect and integrity. We value the opportunity to work with various products and types of businesses.

Program-Based Projects

  • Lighthouse Programs
  • Telecom Go to Market Strategies
  • Sales Acceleration and Adoption Programs
  • Partner Programs


Our office is located near Seattle, in Bellevue, Washington, very close to Microsoft’s corporate headquarters. And we are just down the road from Amazon. However, Microsoft is our primary client since 1996.

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Our customers come back. They work with us year over year. Nothing is better than seeing our satisfied customers returning. We always have new techniques to share. We know we can learn from you too. Capetown-Rio makes it easy to create successful programs and projects. By the way, Capetown-Rio is always on time, on budget, and provides high-quality results. You deserve the best. Delivering the best is our goal. We love consulting! Give us a call. Let’s work together soon. Call Us 425-641-7700 9:00 – 5:00 PST  Click to Contact Us