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In 2007, Katherine started playing a game with her friends, and Facebook friends called, “Where in the World is Kate?” Where in the World is Kate? Facebook Katherine Green Travel<

Capetown-Rio Inc.

Now, Capetown-Rio moves our passion for Travel to separate business, called, Where in the World is Kate. The goal of the Blog is to inspire women and men, and people of all ages, to find their Bliss, and there is no time like now to travel more. Katherine also known as Kate by her friends, launched a new Blog, “Where in World is Kate?” From posting on Instagram, Facebook, the blog is a story about the obstacles, risks and the interesting characters she meets along the way. Most of all, she shares what she has learned so others can use her information to travel more.

Where in the World Is Kate?

By reading “Where in the World is Kate?” you will see new places, learn something new, and get to know some interesting new people. Kate meets lots of people on her travel adventures, but, she takes simple journeys, ones anyone can do.  Her itinerary (and eventually other stories and plans) so that you can follow the trip. You can travel too -“Try it you, you will like it” or “Observe” – Participate by watching and joining the story from your home.”

Later is Now!

By posting itineraries, and those of her friends that she meets along the way, travelers and mom’s traveling with their daughter, son or friends, can learn from her simple trips. They don’t take much money. If a tour makes the trip more comfortable, she even recommends the best ones to use. The goal of the site is to help you travel more. If you want help and want to use a travel agent, she can help you there. For those that want to find an agent, we will have recommendations her best travel agents. We offer alternatives to fill the gap for a lot of people.

Travel More

If you want to take more trips at any stage of your life, even if your life partner, money, or time isn’t what you expected, there are always ways to travel more. There is no time like now. Now is later – so Now is the time to start. If you want quality, have a budget and time, we can help you travel. Pick the two that are important to you, and we will show you how creative travel. Kate buys an airplane ticket and lets the story unfold. You can you too. Or make a more detailed plan. Or travel virtually with her. Join us. Learn more by joining us on Facebook and get updates and stay tuned in to be part of the fun. If you can’t travel, travel virtually with Kate. Join her in the story and see how it unfolds.

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