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Press Announcement

Press, Capetown-Rio, Global Services Strategies for EnterprisesPress Announcement – In 1996 Capetown-Rio opened. Our roots started in the creative world of video production. Fortunately, our corporate journey introduced us to some of the largest enterprise organizations in the world. They led us to content, new media, and program management projects. From there, we found our niche with is Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Azure for Telephony Enterprise Customers and Partner Programs.

Press Announcements

Fast forward to today, we build programs for Skype for Business and Azure. We believe starting with the fundamentals is key. Secondly, Roadmaps, Frameworks, Go to Market Strategies, and Measurable Results are the foundation of our work. Our customers are Telephony Enterprise Customers and Partner Programs. We have experience branding, integrated marketing communications, and credit our great clients for creating these amazing opportunities. We focus on programs that touch marketing, finance, legal, and sales.

Our Work Speaks for Us

Our experience in branding and integrated marketing communications ensures your messaging and value proposition resonates with your customers. Credit our great clients for creating these amazing opportunities. We are grateful for our success and credit our great clients for creating our amazing opportunities. We are thrilled to share our experience with you. Therefore, the next opportunity is the best one – it’s not what we have done, but that we are fortunate to work for some of the world’s best clients.

Press and Awards

    • Silver Winner – Capetown-Rio Receives 2001 Catalyst Video Award: Winner Capetown-Rio – Silver Award for Youth Eastside Services Video.
    • Platinum Winner – Capetown-Rio Wins 2001 Aurora Video Awards: Wins 2 Platinum Awards for Youth Eastside Services Video
    • Winner ¬†–¬†Capetown-Rio Announces IMAC Award: IMAC Awards Safeco for Excellent Brand Campaign.
    • Capetown-Rio Announces Video Awards: Capetown-Rio Wins Ten Aurora Awards for Frankfurt eBooks Award Video.