What Does Your Name Mean?

People often ask, “What does your company’s name mean?”


Our name comes from a famous sailboat race called The Cape Town to Rio Yacht Race. The race starts in Cape Town, South Africa and ends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A straight line looks like it is the best route. It appears this is the strategy for the quickest way to get to the finish line. However to win the race another strategy must be used. As in business, sometimes the obvious course isn’t the winning strategy. If you are interested, here is the full story

Consult – Set the Right Course

The obvious isn’t the best plan. It turns out, a straight line isn’t the best route because of the winds and tide. Therefore, skippers ask experts for help charting the best course to win the race. It turns out that the race requires sailing a little farther to win the race.

By heading north to Falmouth, England, and then sailing south, to catch the tides and winds is the better course. The obvious straight line course isn’t the best way to win the race.With full sails and top speeds, the longer routes to Brazil’s finish line is the winning strategy.


Therefore, to win this race as in business, it takes the right vision strategy, and roadmap to chart the right course. A strategic plan, skillful execution, and winning tactics are required to win this race and to succeed in business. We believe this race illustrates who we are and what we do.

At Capetown-Rio, we deliver winning strategies, the right roadmap and flawless execution and tactics.

We believe experience, expertise, and going the distance is what our customers need and want. Capetown-Rio delivers experience, knowledge, and diligence. Lastly, we are passionate about doing great work for our clients. It’s all about the goals.

Global Marketing Strategies

Strategies win sailboat races and deliver the best business solutions. We use this philosophy to provide quality global enterprise marketing strategies, global marketing including enterprise services, and customer and partner programs. We focus on Microsoft products and services such as Skype for Business, Azure, AI, and Surface Hub.

Looking Forward

The Cape Town to Rio race, just like in business, requires an eye on your current heading and the vision to set your sight on the future.

At Capetown-Rio we help discover new ways to execute strategies from incubation to through the full life cycle. Our goal is to chart a roadmap that enables your competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

What We Do – Our Unique Services

Capetown-Rio global business consulting delivers Enterprise global marketing solutions for lighthouse wins by providing customer and partner programs.

Our Enterprise quality program management provides best practices, process improvement and change management to increase sales and revenue.

Strategy – Frameworks – Tactics

From strategy, messaging frameworks, to tactics, we are there every step of the way to help make your programs successful. Therefore, our skilled professionals’ support programs and creative solutions to reach your goals.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we help manage and expand programs that accelerate adoption. Therefore, we deliver simple solutions to give companies a competitive edge. Rest assured that, we focus on results making your investment productive.

We would love to consult with you.

Our Product Focus

  • Managed Services
  • Skype for Business
  • Azure
  • 0365

Skype for Business Marketing Program Specialists

We specialize in Global Enterprise Services for Skype for Business. Our Go to Market strategies enables accelerated deployment and adoption programs. Here are a few programs we have worked on for our customers.

  • Lighthouse Programs
  • Telecom Go to Market Strategies
  • Sales acceleration and adoption programs
  • Partner Programs


Capetown-Rio, a Global Marketing agency is near Seattle in Bellevue, Washington, very close to Microsoft. From small organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises, we serve all our clients with excellence, quality, and integrity.

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