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In 1996, as a preferred Microsoft vendor, we opened our global marketing agency and business consulting practice. We are a women-owned business. Today, we also work with AWS technologies, Telephony, and Cloud-based solutions and services. In addition, we are a preferred vendor for government accounts, such as Seattle City Light, and the City of Seattle. As a business consulting practice, our valued staff comes from diverse backgrounds and offers unique expertise that delivers strategies to project management.

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What’s in a Name?

“What does your name mean?” Why Capetown-Rio? The name Capetownrio is an analogy for what we do. Our name represents everything we do, are and our vision.

Named after a famous sailboat race, The Cape Town to Rio Yacht Race describes our philosophy. The race starts in Cape Town, South Africa. It ends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it’s global, racing across one ocean to two continents. The best course looks like it should be a straight line. However, appearances are deceiving. The straight line isn’t the best route. The winning course is to sail a little further, working smart to go faster. Therefore this race, as in business, the obvious choice isn’t the best one. At Capetownrio, we beleive in working smart, finding the best strategy and flawless execution.

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As is the case of this race, the course isn’t obvious. To win, the best course is to catch the winds and tides, which forces the team to sail further. Skippers rely on experts knowledge to chart the best strategy. Innovation wins this race, and innovation is what makes Capetownrio successful.


The name represents success. The right vision, strategy, and roadmap are necessary for success. Consultanting with our skillful experts delivers flawless execution and winning tactics. Win your business goals by hiring Capetownrio experts. Innovation and expertise make projects successful.

At Capetown-Rio, we deliver the right roadmap. Add the right expertise, and doing what it takes to get a project done is our secret sauce. Capetown-Rio is a trusted vendor to global organizations. The last ingredient, and most importantly, we are passionate about our clients. For us, it’s all about our clients.

Global Marketing Strategies

Strategies achieve objectives. We deliver the best business solutions and global marketing services. Capetownrio provides global marketing services, and enterprise customer and partner programs. Our services focus on Skype for Business, Azure, and AI.

Looking Forward

The Cape Town to Rio race, just like in business, requires an eye on your current heading and the vision to set a future vision. At Capetown-Rio, we help discover new ways to execute strategies from incubation through full lifecycle management.

We chart a roadmap that enables our client’s competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

What We Do – Our Unique Services

Capetown-Rio global marketing and business consulting services deliver enterprise solutions. We support lighthouse wins by providing customer and partner programs. Our quality program management offers best practices, process improvement and change management to increase sales and revenue.

Strategy – Frameworks – Tactics

From messaging frameworks to tactics, we help make your program successful. Therefore, our skilled professionals’ support creative solutions to reach your goals. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we manage and expand accelerate adoption. Lastly, we deliver solutions to give companies a competitive edge. Rest assured that, we focus on results making your investment productive. We would love to consult with you.

Product Focus

  • Managed Services
  • Skype for Business
  • Azure
  • 0365

We are Skype for Business Marketing Program Specialists. We accelerate Global Enterprise Services for Cloud-based Skype for Business. most importantly, from small organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises, we serve all our clients with integrity.

 Program based Projects

  • Lighthouse Programs
  • Telecom Go to Market Strategies
  • Sales Acceleration and Adoption Programs
  • Partner Programs


Capetown-Rio, a Global Marketing agency located near Seattle. Our office is in Bellevue, Washington, we are very close to Microsoft corporate headquarters.

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