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Who is Katherine Green?

In 1980, Katherine Green started Capetown-Rio to represent her Fine Art. Soon it turned to consulting practice working for companies such as Celestial Seasoning and Microsoft. For more information about business consulting.

Katherine’s goal is and has always been focused on creating art in public places to provide spiritual and healing comfort through her paintings. Over the years, she achieved this goal, and deliver fine art paintings for banks, corporations, hospitals, and healing centers. Please call us if your company is looking for a different kind of art that is representational and captures a universal feeling of calm and healing. She can help.

Often her paintings are based on a specific location that evokes loving, kind memories. Sometimes she paints the Psalms or favorite Bible verses. She delivers business value because her paintings endure the test of time.

You might ask, who are our customers? Katherine’s work typically sells to private individuals, software and telco companies, banks, and hotels. She paints large pieces for conference rooms or building entries or forays. Most importantly, she enjoys collaborating with all her clients. Painting is fun and her passion.

Capetownrio Projects

Katherine works with the client to develop a pallet – a set of colors. Next, she works on the theme of the piece. Lastly, if a favorite photo or one of hers is selected, this is the basis for the composition and the collaboration with the client.

Katherine has standard rates because she understands we all live on a budget. Her experience includes global organizations to government agencies that might want to make prints on canvas or 100% original pieces. Small budgets or large multi-million-dollar budgets are possible. We manage short-and long-term solutions for her patrons. Capetown-Rio would love to share the breadth and depth of Katherine’s fine art experience with you.

Regardless of your needs, we are passionate about our clients’ motives for purchasing a fine art piece.

Katherine Green Fine Art Services

Most importantly, her fine art services always build your brand. Capetownrio understands by listening to the clients, we continually improve and achieve your goal for the new piece of art you are purchasing. We use the information gathered during a project to continuously improve and achieve the best work of art for you.

Our passion is excellence. Therefore, our core values are 1. listen to our clients, 2. simplify the process, and 3. strive for excellence. Lastly, we focus on your dream of acquiring fine artwork. Most importantly, we see our clients as our most valuable asset in the creative process.

Katherine Green dba Capetownrio Clients

For 25 years, Katherine’s patrons are the heart of her success. She has fantastic clients.

Rainier Bank Now US BANK

Member of the Seattle Seahawks

Swedish Hospital

                                                           University of Washington Hospital

Celestial Seasonings

However, we believe actions speak louder than words. Call us to discuss your needs. Capetownrio wants to help you. So, give us a call today.


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